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As well as a clean hanky, and shiney shoes, a gentleman(not many consider me one) should always have a waltz and a cha cha cha in his armoury when attending a social function, or party where he might be required to take to the dance floor. Once a typical Scottish man, self-conscious and more content to watch others take to the floor,thanks to Kim Devine and her patience,I’m able to do the above and much more. Ballroom dancing has become a hobby. You don’t have to be strictly standard to enjoy dancing, it’s great excersise and good fun at her classes. Everybody has to start somewhere and, with the right Teacher, learning to dance is enjoyable. It doesn’t matter that you have two left feet,everyone can be taught to dance and instruction from an enthusiastic expert, who loves what they do is the key to making swift progress. Kim is an inspirational Teacher, highly qualified in various genres of dance, and is professionally ┬átrained by one of the most respected bodies the International Dance a Teachers Asscociation. Within an hour she will have taught you a dance routine, but learning to dance requires commitment and effort and there are plenty of fellow dancers at her classes who encourage and support you when the moves get a bit tricky.Kim keeps a watchful eye on the progress of all her pupils and will not push you beyond your natural limits. Above all she makes dancing fun.Though not compulsary a greater sense of achievement is gained from Kim’s dancing tuition through her encouragement to take assessments (medals) at the various levels the IDTA offers. Kim is ably ably assisted by her husband John, though the most critical eye is cast on the novice dancers by her dog Kyle who is easily bribed by dog treats.

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  1. Kim Devine says:


    I originally wanted to learn Salsa, and for me it started with an open evening around nine years ago. I had great fun and discovered there were so many other types of Latin dances as Kim introduced us to ‘snippets’ of Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba along with the Salsa that I’d come to try. I was hooked!
    After a couple of months my husband decided to come and see what all the fuss was about. He has a problem with his left foot but Kim has managed to work around that for him and he can now perform as well as others on the floor. Kim can get anyone to dance!
    I’m now in the freestyle team with women two decades younger than me and I keep up! It keeps me very fit and I’m sure stimulates the brain cells. I also assist Kim with the children’s classes and that’s great fun.
    We have made some wonderful friends over the years and gained a talent that will stay with me for a lifetime.


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