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Welcome to Kim Devine School of Dance general information plus holiday dates.

class alteration dates for 2017 friday 27th January moved to Saturday 28th January. Sunday March 19th all lessons and classes moved to Forfar hall….schedule as Normal. Closed Friday 31st March,Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April due to Nationwide at Blackpool. Classical class to be moved to Monday 3rd April at 6.30pm ( if there is enough in attendance). Sunday 30th April moved to Saturday 29th April. Sunday May 7th day of dance. Classes and lessons  moved to Sat 6th May. There will be two further Sundays to be moved to Saturday, one in September and the other in October…..yet to be advised of the programme from Dancesport Scotland. Whilst I make every attempt to maintain the continuity of class dates and times,there are occasions by which comps are taking up some Sundays. As I fully appreciate that this is not applicable to most of our pupils,may I thank you for your patience and understanding of the need to re schedule.                             Holiday dates 2017 Easter break: Closed on Monday 17th April    Open on Sunday 23rd April short break after our medal exams:    Closed on Monday 12th June      Open on Sunday 18th June Summer Holiday:      Closed on Monday 24th July       Open on Thursday 10th Aug. October short break:      Closed Monday 2nd of Oct         Open on Saturday 7th Oct Christmas 2017:    Closed Saturday 23rd Dec        Open Thursday 4th Jan 2018 We have done our best to schedule in advance and within Angus School Holidays,so hopefully the above dates will not effect pupil attendance too much. thank you  Kim

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  1. John Devine says:

    Hi, it’s that time again when our Teacher Kim is starting to go into Exam mode. This is personally my favourite time when I can really take things seriously and challenge myself both technically and physically on the dance floor. As a middle aged man what can be better than being in top form. I can’t wait for the 24th September, bring it on.

  2. Ronnie & June says:

    Hi Kim
    Thank you for the update. Good workout tonight.

    Ronnie n June xx

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